Manchester and London Terror Attacks : Anger is an energy


One of the only positive things I can pull from the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London, if it is positive, is that because the attacks are so shitty and underhanded the perpetrators have no realistic way of implementing their beliefs as law of the land in Britain. They’re so anarchic and barbaric there’s no organised fashion in which they can stage a takeover. They get killed every time they carry out an attack therefore there’s a limited resource right there.

I believe there’s a mixture of reasons for these attacks, one being the violent thrusting of one ideology onto others, two being revenge for British foreign policy and the third being any arsehole who wants to take out the misfortunes and hatred of their lives can do so and say it’s been done in the name of ISIS. There therefore is no one solution to a complex problem such as this. Whatever the reasons individuals/ arseholes won’t stop carrying out attacks.

I’m not a pacifist and I believe that if necessary you have to fight back, if only ideologically. When a pregnant woman is being stabbed on London bridge “for Allah” you’re damn right I’m gonna be angry and other people have a right to be angry too. I won’t stand back and let some archaic belief system in which I’m classed a second class citizen go unnoticed. Same goes for any other ideology that isn’t based on equality.

That being said however this isn’t a “deport all Muslims” plea. More than non-believers ISIS hate moderate Muslims and in countries such as Syria it’s beyond extremism, they are forced to live under Islamic State. To label these people as just Muslims is therefore unfair.

Whatever else these monsters are defined as, my own tolerance is such that I believe people can believe whatever they want so long as you don’t inflict it on other people. I think Britain has a similar tolerance, however what it can’t afford to tolerate any more is hate filled speeches, videos and propaganda. The growing trend is that the terrorists that carry out these attacks have been on watchlists, the operative word being “watch”, nothing was acted upon. Freedom of Speech is used as a “get out of jail free” card.

It can’t be ignored that these maniacs are taking a religion to extremes in modern day, forward thinking times. Humanity can’t progress like this. Religions have progressed alongside human evolution. The clocks cannot be turned back.

I really don’t know what the solution is now other than, we’re stuck now with the ugly consequences of the Pandora’s box opened up by the likes of Tony Blair and George Bush. I honestly believe that, if every part of the world lived in comfort with access to the basics of life and education, the breeding grounds of extremism would never have been created to begin with.


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