If Labour’s economic policies benefit your life and you don’t vote for them, you’re insane


There are several reasons why I believe people won’t vote Labour even though it benefits their lives.

I’ll address some of them:-

Immigration/Terrorism – the belief that the loony left will let Jihadi John, his wife, his mates and his dog in. We’re already living through one of the worst sustained attacks of terrorism the UK has ever seen under a Tory government. What do you think they’re not doing now that they’re going to do right if elected? Use all the police numbers May’s lied about? Monitor WhatsApp? It doesn’t take Bill Gates to grab a knife, hire a van and press the accelerator. People don’t like to look at the reasons why terrorism happens they just want to bomb “them” without a vague idea of who or where they’re talking about. The reality is it’s safer to think there’s a “them” when really there isn’t. There are terrorists in Muslims countries, there are terrorists in Western countries. Converts from our own country are some the worst you can get, therefore where do you start? ISIS recruit by taking kids who’ve got nothing, people who’ve lost everything and want to avenge the deaths of their families and Muslims harassed and shunned in Western Society. There’s no better propaganda to convince someone on the edge of converting than the picture of a dead child killed by a drone bombing. You can’t analyse any of these reasons however without being called a terrorist sympathiser. Corbyn dares to look at British foreign policy, unchartered in areas in Libya, but that’s not immediate or a quick fix so he’s called a hippy. For one minute just think of what he’s saying, and of the bigger picture. Plus, if you think the Tories are gonna get rid of the cheapest source of labour i.e. immigrants, in this capitalist society, you’ve got another thing coming.

I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn – So what? This isn’t X Factor, you vote on policies not personality. Not voting is not a protest vote because no one can hear the protest you’re trying to make. No one, and the First Past the Post System, don’t care you don’t like Jeremy Corbyn. The message you’re trying to send matters to you and only you. In reality you’re giving your vote to a Tory. In a General Election you do what you can do not what you’d like to do. Jeremy Corbyn has done more to get young people interested in politics than any politician has in the last twenty years.

I believe I’m rich – Rich people vote Tory, poor people vote Labour. Consumerism makes people believe they’re rich when they’re not. If you have designer clothing but live in a bin, vote Labour. It will benefit your life, your health, your children, your social mobility, your life expectancy.  You don’t need to worry about the top rate of tax because you’re not a footballer/ Kardashian. You are poor; you need a bit of socialism in your life.

Brexit – Brexit wasn’t a left or right issue. Tories voted for Brexit, socialists voted for Brexit. The media liked making this into a left or right issue for the purpose of this election, it wasn’t. In all honesty, not many people had a clue what they were voting for, they just had to make a best guess. Don’t vote Tory just because you voted for Brexit.

I don’t believe in Santa – Jeremy’s vision of Britain is nice but it’s not a reality. Why? Because people like you won’t let it be? The electorate doesn’t know what to do with an actual left wing candidate. They’re too used to centrist bullshitters they won’t realise they’re voting for the opposite of what they really want. If you’re cynical but would still like to see it happen vote Labour.  What’s the worst that could happen?

I hate everything – There’s a new breed of internet person who’s so conflicted by the internet’s constant barrage of fake news and facts that they actually don’t really have any solid political affiliations. They just hate on everything. To you I say nothing.

Jeremy Corbyn has exceeded every expectation so far in the face of Britain’s right wing press, who, let’s face it, are more powerful than any politician in this country. Do you want that or Theresa May who has an appalling record of U-Turns, loves fox hunting and is scared of lesbianism?

War and austerity or peace and prosperity – make the choice.

If you’re wondering how to vote just look around you. Beggars on the street, foodbanks, children having to get meals from schools during the holidays because they can’t eat, bedroom tax, tripled tuition fees, hospitals on black alert, Peter Kirkham telling us police outside of London are threadbare. I ask you, do Labour’s policies benefit you? If so, you know what to do.

“Corbyn can’t ‘Just Do It’”- Says BBC

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The BBC was accused of being the biased bastards they are after blurring out the name of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on a musician’s t-shirt. After recording a video message in solidarity with the victims of the Manchester terror attack for One Love, the BBC made Clean Bandit’s singer Grace Chatto’s T-shirt look wildly inappropriate with the peak audience of 14.5 million assuming it must have said “cunt” or something for no reason.

When revealed to be a Nike swoosh with the name ‘Corbyn’ above people who aren’t conspiracy theorists were outraged. Arlarse Derek Savage for the BBC explained –

“Of course we blurred it out. Corbyn can’t ‘Just Do It’, as the Nike slogan happily instructs its wearers to do. This is a General Election. We’ve spent months making him into a terror loving, sandal wearing hippy. We can’t have some hot, young thing wearing his T-Shirt at peaks times.”

It is believed the BBC Special Effects department tried to Photoshop ‘L-O-S-E-R’ over the top of the blur but were too busy trying to make paper mache creatures look as though they were moving for the set of Dr Who.

Britain Loves Crumpets, Tea and Nukes


After watching BBC Question Time on Friday 2nd June and the barbecuing of Jeremy Corbyn over nuclear weapons issues, I realised that Britain does not shy away from nuclear war. In fact, it loves it. The world’s stereotype of Britain being a bunch of Hugh Grant, bumbling softshites is dead.

The studio was apparently infiltrated by a load of Yorkshire men (apart form Adam Murgatroyd who worked for BAE Systems for five years who clearly didn’t fit in and looked like he was about to shit a nuke) who’d just been in the pub discussing over a pint “you know what I’d really like to do? Blow a country to fuck! Let’s bring that up.”

Do people not understand the balance of terror between countries? That the world is already at checkmate by having nuclear weapons and once negotiations have broken down to the point of talk of launching you’ve already entered the end game?

There’s nothing to gain further because nuclear weapons counteract any kind of military strategy, they’re simply too powerful. A hypothetical scenario of pushing the red button therefore is irrelevant, it pretty much doesn’t matter at that point.

Corbyn’s answer of “I’d look at the circumstances” obviously wasn’t a responsible enough of an answer when you’re talking about wiping out millions of lives with devastating consequences for future generations. It’s like these Yorkshire men are not cool enough to have seen dystopian 80s disaster films.

Also, Corbyn stated he’s talking about multilateral disarmament not unilateral. Despite this he was still asked by Dimbleby if he’d elaborate on a comment about Britain having one of the biggest weapons arsenals and it’s better to have it than not. He simply replied ‘no’ and in verbal terms it was a bit of a bitch slap. 

This was largely viewed as a negative however I have a huge amount of respect for him having the balls to not repeat what he’s said about multilateral disarmament through the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (after all that doesn’t have quite the ring to it as ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’) and respecting the wishes of the party to re-new Trident.

People don’t listen to what he actually says because they’re waiting for some easily remembered phrase. He refused to answer a complex question in simple terms and that’s not appealing to an audience. I have a huge amount of respect for him simply saying ‘no’ rather than just filling the air with shit like so many other politicians.

Theresa May on the other hand was all about the phrases to the point where it was out of context and did fill the air with shit. I really do think she’s plugged in.

Manchester and London Terror Attacks : Anger is an energy


One of the only positive things I can pull from the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London, if it is positive, is that because the attacks are so shitty and underhanded the perpetrators have no realistic way of implementing their beliefs as law of the land in Britain. They’re so anarchic and barbaric there’s no organised fashion in which they can stage a takeover. They get killed every time they carry out an attack therefore there’s a limited resource right there.

I believe there’s a mixture of reasons for these attacks, one being the violent thrusting of one ideology onto others, two being revenge for British foreign policy and the third being any arsehole who wants to take out the misfortunes and hatred of their lives can do so and say it’s been done in the name of ISIS. There therefore is no one solution to a complex problem such as this. Whatever the reasons individuals/ arseholes won’t stop carrying out attacks.

I’m not a pacifist and I believe that if necessary you have to fight back, if only ideologically. When a pregnant woman is being stabbed on London bridge “for Allah” you’re damn right I’m gonna be angry and other people have a right to be angry too. I won’t stand back and let some archaic belief system in which I’m classed a second class citizen go unnoticed. Same goes for any other ideology that isn’t based on equality.

That being said however this isn’t a “deport all Muslims” plea. More than non-believers ISIS hate moderate Muslims and in countries such as Syria it’s beyond extremism, they are forced to live under Islamic State. To label these people as just Muslims is therefore unfair.

Whatever else these monsters are defined as, my own tolerance is such that I believe people can believe whatever they want so long as you don’t inflict it on other people. I think Britain has a similar tolerance, however what it can’t afford to tolerate any more is hate filled speeches, videos and propaganda. The growing trend is that the terrorists that carry out these attacks have been on watchlists, the operative word being “watch”, nothing was acted upon. Freedom of Speech is used as a “get out of jail free” card.

It can’t be ignored that these maniacs are taking a religion to extremes in modern day, forward thinking times. Humanity can’t progress like this. Religions have progressed alongside human evolution. The clocks cannot be turned back.

I really don’t know what the solution is now other than, we’re stuck now with the ugly consequences of the Pandora’s box opened up by the likes of Tony Blair and George Bush. I honestly believe that, if every part of the world lived in comfort with access to the basics of life and education, the breeding grounds of extremism would never have been created to begin with.