Britain Loves Crumpets, Tea and Nukes


After watching BBC Question Time on Friday 2nd June and the barbecuing of Jeremy Corbyn over nuclear weapons issues, I realised that Britain does not shy away from nuclear war. In fact, it loves it. The world’s stereotype of Britain being a bunch of Hugh Grant, bumbling softshites is dead.

The studio was apparently infiltrated by a load of Yorkshire men (apart form Adam Murgatroyd who worked for BAE Systems for five years who clearly didn’t fit in and looked like he was about to shit a nuke) who’d just been in the pub discussing over a pint “you know what I’d really like to do? Blow a country to fuck! Let’s bring that up.”

Do people not understand the balance of terror between countries? That the world is already at checkmate by having nuclear weapons and once negotiations have broken down to the point of talk of launching you’ve already entered the end game?

There’s nothing to gain further because nuclear weapons counteract any kind of military strategy, they’re simply too powerful. A hypothetical scenario of pushing the red button therefore is irrelevant, it pretty much doesn’t matter at that point.

Corbyn’s answer of “I’d look at the circumstances” obviously wasn’t a responsible enough of an answer when you’re talking about wiping out millions of lives with devastating consequences for future generations. It’s like these Yorkshire men are not cool enough to have seen dystopian 80s disaster films.

Also, Corbyn stated he’s talking about multilateral disarmament not unilateral. Despite this he was still asked by Dimbleby if he’d elaborate on a comment about Britain having one of the biggest weapons arsenals and it’s better to have it than not. He simply replied ‘no’ and in verbal terms it was a bit of a bitch slap. 

This was largely viewed as a negative however I have a huge amount of respect for him having the balls to not repeat what he’s said about multilateral disarmament through the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (after all that doesn’t have quite the ring to it as ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’) and respecting the wishes of the party to re-new Trident.

People don’t listen to what he actually says because they’re waiting for some easily remembered phrase. He refused to answer a complex question in simple terms and that’s not appealing to an audience. I have a huge amount of respect for him simply saying ‘no’ rather than just filling the air with shit like so many other politicians.

Theresa May on the other hand was all about the phrases to the point where it was out of context and did fill the air with shit. I really do think she’s plugged in.