“Corbyn can’t ‘Just Do It’”- Says BBC

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The BBC was accused of being the biased bastards they are after blurring out the name of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on a musician’s t-shirt. After recording a video message in solidarity with the victims of the Manchester terror attack for One Love, the BBC made Clean Bandit’s singer Grace Chatto’s T-shirt look wildly inappropriate with the peak audience of 14.5 million assuming it must have said “cunt” or something for no reason.

When revealed to be a Nike swoosh with the name ‘Corbyn’ above people who aren’t conspiracy theorists were outraged. Arlarse Derek Savage for the BBC explained –

“Of course we blurred it out. Corbyn can’t ‘Just Do It’, as the Nike slogan happily instructs its wearers to do. This is a General Election. We’ve spent months making him into a terror loving, sandal wearing hippy. We can’t have some hot, young thing wearing his T-Shirt at peaks times.”

It is believed the BBC Special Effects department tried to Photoshop ‘L-O-S-E-R’ over the top of the blur but were too busy trying to make paper mache creatures look as though they were moving for the set of Dr Who.