If Labour’s economic policies benefit your life and you don’t vote for them, you’re insane


There are several reasons why I believe people won’t vote Labour even though it benefits their lives.

I’ll address some of them:-

Immigration/Terrorism – the belief that the loony left will let Jihadi John, his wife, his mates and his dog in. We’re already living through one of the worst sustained attacks of terrorism the UK has ever seen under a Tory government. What do you think they’re not doing now that they’re going to do right if elected? Use all the police numbers May’s lied about? Monitor WhatsApp? It doesn’t take Bill Gates to grab a knife, hire a van and press the accelerator. People don’t like to look at the reasons why terrorism happens they just want to bomb “them” without a vague idea of who or where they’re talking about. The reality is it’s safer to think there’s a “them” when really there isn’t. There are terrorists in Muslims countries, there are terrorists in Western countries. Converts from our own country are some the worst you can get, therefore where do you start? ISIS recruit by taking kids who’ve got nothing, people who’ve lost everything and want to avenge the deaths of their families and Muslims harassed and shunned in Western Society. There’s no better propaganda to convince someone on the edge of converting than the picture of a dead child killed by a drone bombing. You can’t analyse any of these reasons however without being called a terrorist sympathiser. Corbyn dares to look at British foreign policy, unchartered in areas in Libya, but that’s not immediate or a quick fix so he’s called a hippy. For one minute just think of what he’s saying, and of the bigger picture. Plus, if you think the Tories are gonna get rid of the cheapest source of labour i.e. immigrants, in this capitalist society, you’ve got another thing coming.

I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn – So what? This isn’t X Factor, you vote on policies not personality. Not voting is not a protest vote because no one can hear the protest you’re trying to make. No one, and the First Past the Post System, don’t care you don’t like Jeremy Corbyn. The message you’re trying to send matters to you and only you. In reality you’re giving your vote to a Tory. In a General Election you do what you can do not what you’d like to do. Jeremy Corbyn has done more to get young people interested in politics than any politician has in the last twenty years.

I believe I’m rich – Rich people vote Tory, poor people vote Labour. Consumerism makes people believe they’re rich when they’re not. If you have designer clothing but live in a bin, vote Labour. It will benefit your life, your health, your children, your social mobility, your life expectancy.  You don’t need to worry about the top rate of tax because you’re not a footballer/ Kardashian. You are poor; you need a bit of socialism in your life.

Brexit – Brexit wasn’t a left or right issue. Tories voted for Brexit, socialists voted for Brexit. The media liked making this into a left or right issue for the purpose of this election, it wasn’t. In all honesty, not many people had a clue what they were voting for, they just had to make a best guess. Don’t vote Tory just because you voted for Brexit.

I don’t believe in Santa – Jeremy’s vision of Britain is nice but it’s not a reality. Why? Because people like you won’t let it be? The electorate doesn’t know what to do with an actual left wing candidate. They’re too used to centrist bullshitters they won’t realise they’re voting for the opposite of what they really want. If you’re cynical but would still like to see it happen vote Labour.  What’s the worst that could happen?

I hate everything – There’s a new breed of internet person who’s so conflicted by the internet’s constant barrage of fake news and facts that they actually don’t really have any solid political affiliations. They just hate on everything. To you I say nothing.

Jeremy Corbyn has exceeded every expectation so far in the face of Britain’s right wing press, who, let’s face it, are more powerful than any politician in this country. Do you want that or Theresa May who has an appalling record of U-Turns, loves fox hunting and is scared of lesbianism?

War and austerity or peace and prosperity – make the choice.

If you’re wondering how to vote just look around you. Beggars on the street, foodbanks, children having to get meals from schools during the holidays because they can’t eat, bedroom tax, tripled tuition fees, hospitals on black alert, Peter Kirkham telling us police outside of London are threadbare. I ask you, do Labour’s policies benefit you? If so, you know what to do.